dog days of summer

It's swealteringly summer here...

I almost missed getting him on the bus. And was a melty mess after it was said and done. But Trevy officially made it to his first day of the Extended School Program.

I'm about the head out the door to pick him up now. Can't wait to get his first day report!

Dropped Bristel at gymnastics camp. She's been living. Literally. In her leotard. And today she finally got to use it!

Behind her sassy dimples...she's still a big sappy mommy's girl. So there were some tears. And begging me to stays. Which I did for about an hour. When I left her eyes were still red...but she was having fun attacking the vault!

Okay...off to get the Trevster. Then the big kids head over to Grams' for a swim with the Canadian Cousins!

Hope your summer is less crazy (and hot) than mine!

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Mrs. M said...

It's kinda hot here too. Not Africa Hot, but +29 celcius...haven't a clue what that is in F.....but thank goodness for AC and afternoon naps and playing with the hose hot.
Yay for Grams' pool! Enjoy splashing and playing with the family.