follow up on "The Chair"

I had lots of feedback on yesterday's post.

Although I thought it was interesting that not so many in comments. Mostly emails. A couple "real" convos too! Just not so much with the commenting.

Maybe it makes people squirm?

Although...interestingly...most of the feedback was pro the chairs.

Speaking of...

I knew they were in Trevy's classroom. I'd spied them when I initially toured. So cute with their stubby legs and low riding seats.

Until I noticed.

The belts.

Which upon seeing...my emotional response was a mixture of mortification and someone please direct me to the closest retailer cause I need me one a them!

I'm very wishy washy about how I feel.

I suppose in part because admitting that my child may "need a belted chair" is a tough pill to swallow.

Also...I feel slightly judgmental with him pulling me around the ball field harnessed into his monkey leash!


Anonymous said...

Well Henry definitely still needs a belted booster seat for meals, he can get so easily distracted but still be hungry.

And various therapists have suggested giving him time in his booster seat with specific toys/activities so he can focus more. He can be a bit 'flighty' when wandering around freely.

So mostly I am Pro. But, in a nursery setting it would still make e nervous - double standards i know! But would have to trust that the staff know how and when and how long to use them for :)

kt x

Mrs. M said...

I was wishing for a monkey leash today while at the Children's Hospital! Walking and holding Bup's hand lately is like trying to walk a puppy. He pulls and pulls or just hangs onto my wrist with both his hands and then hangs there. Aaaahhhh! I'm hoping this is just a 3yr old stage and not signs of behavioral stuff due to TSC & the meds. Who knows......