he wants - she wants

She wants to buy an i-Pad, like, two months ago.

He wants to think things through.

She wants to download free educational Trevy friendly apps...two months ago already!

He wants to wait til' Christmas.

She wants to make the most of every single moment. We've got a right sided brain to re-wire after all!

He wants to make the most of every single moment and penny...and has heard prices will be much reduced right around Christmas.

She wants him to read this post...

And then she'll hear more about what he wants!



Mrs. M said...

lol....you're hilarious!
Are you printing this post off then leaving it taped around the house for Jonathon to find & read several times a day?:)

Sinead said...

My friend bought an android tablet for $100. Looks the same as an iPad but a tiny bit smaller. Now if only proloque2go was for android and not iOS.

Dawson said...

I vote get it now!! Christmas is WAAYYYYYY to long to have to wait ( hope this helps)

blogzilly said...

An iPad is probably in Bennett's future, but not today. Not so much because of the cost, but because I don't think he's ready yet. He still throws stuff and doesn't do some basic correlative things on toys yet, so I want to wait and see.

Of course, I could be 100% wrong, which also sucks that one can never KNOW what one's SN child will and will not show response to.

blogzilly said...

Oh...and who's the photographic manipulator? You doing all that stuff in your header?

happy's mommy said...

Ken-ly...I think you should just go ahead and get it now. There are some VERY basic aps that I've seen. Visit the babies with ipad blog! You'll be surprised. And it could be that he sits with you for five mins a day...and uses it.

And yes...it's yours truly doing the photo magic. With free online tools...and zilcho training I'll add. Not too shabby...least that's what Tobes and Bri are telling me!


Anonymous said...

You KNOW you should get it asap!!
(Jonathan - hope you're reading this! lol)
(you could always hardly spend anything on him at Christmas and he wouldn't mind)

So, what do you think of Proloquo2go? Looks pricey and would want personal recommendations before i bought it/persuaded husband.

I do know that H loves using the simple apps on my iPhone like animal sounds so it is probably very worth it, and with the bigger screen of an iPad.

Good luck, kt x

happy's mommy said...

Jonathan has been spying on our iPad conversation...and says that Ken hit the nail on the head with...

"I don't think he's ready yet. He still throws stuff"

But I think I've successfully convinced him that we should invent an iPad cover with adjustable straps.


Marissa's Dad said...

I don't see iPad prices coming down before xmas. We haven't used ours for Marissa, but the Brother acknowledges it and takes swipes at the screen with intent.

4 months old. There are waterproof cases, I'd look at one if I was you.

happy's mommy said...

I intend of further exploring this topic with him tonight...while he's still recooping and weak hearted and drenched in guilt from his exciting weekend in Louisiana.



Ian Marrey said...

I'd have said yes before you had even asked.....