it's a sippy cup leash!

I have one for the binky...

Shoot...I have one for the baby. Who is really not such a baby anymore. And is becoming increasingly stronger!

Now there's one for the sippy cup!

Ripped from their website...

"We have designed the No Throw
tether to strap around and fit tightly onto children's baby
bottles and sippy cups. The No Throw's leash styled handle
can strap or be slipped over the seat belt that are attached
to your child's car seat, stroller, bike seat, high chair,
baby-backpack, you name it! Read more here..."

Now if you'll excuse me...

I have some Sippy Cups to tether!


Colby said...

Very cool!

The things they have come up with since the mid 80s!!!


Mrs. M said...

Often I can be heard at our house saying I am going to attach Bup's bottle to him as it's constantly lost! Drives me nuts! It's stainless steel so I've often wondered if I could attach a magnet to him????? This is much better!

Holli said...

I posted this on the board, but had to rave a little more. This little gadget is awesome!! We've had one for about 3 months now (what took me so long to look for one? lol), and it was well worth the few bucks! We have one that matches the paci strap...so cute. It works for smaller toys too! Bonus! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow I could have done with them a while back when H threw his cup all the time.
I swear he broke a toe when he hurled a full (& heavy) cup onto my foot once!!

kt x