sometimes I wish

Sometimes I wish I had a full time nanny.

Who could do all the Trevy chasing. And I could simply clean the house. Or give myself a pedi. Or better yet...go somewhere swanky where I'd be met at the door with a glass of wine and someone else gives me the pedi!

Sometimes I wish I had a personal chef.

Who could whip up exactly the right meals that were yummy, nutritious and would cause me to shed pounds overnight. Cause the overcooked steak on the stove looks yucky. Which is why I'm munching the PB&J meant for them.

Sometimes I wish I could hire a house cleaning service.

Or a chauffeur. Especially on those days when the exhaustion is such that I really shouldn't be behind the wheel. Much less arguing with the pharmacy while doing so.

Sometimes bedtime cannot come fast enough.

Tonight is one of those sometimes...


Sinead said...

I am a fan of outsourcing. I outsource a big clean of the house every two weeks. In September I need a sitter three hours twice a week and its not a lot of hours to drag the sitter on a bus and train for so I asked her to come for five hours two days a week and do laundry and light cleaning until the bus pulls up.

JSmith5780 said...

I hear ya!!

blogzilly said...

And no one would blame you for wishing these things. Being a parent is hard, hard work. Being a parent of a child with a developmental disability is much, much harder.

We're lucky to have a Home Health Aide. Just because of the state we live in, Bennett qualifies. I feel bad for people who can't get the same level of help because they live in a different state. That makes ZERO sense to me.

happy's mommy said...

It's not that I don't have help. My mom certainly chips in A LOT. And Jonathan is extremely involved. Plus, although Trevy no longer qualifies for a homehealth aid because he's not seizing (as much) he does qualify for 20 hours of "home based therapy" per week. Which is great. Except it's designed to "teach the parent"...which is a really great idea. Except when my "teacher" is 21. And I'm more than zonked. Mommy needs a break! Not a teaching session!

I think it's that Trevor needs 100% attention 100% of his waking time.

I told my mom today...that it's VERY hard to parent Trevy AND Tobes and Bri. It's like an ever present tight rope that Trevy is always trying to hurl himself off of!

And I'm exhausted.

And totally freaked out about next weekend! Jonathan's brother is getting married...and we couldn't afford for all of us to go. So he's going solo. Leaving me here...SOLO!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!


Colby said...

Ditto what you just said....

And you will do just fine solo!!!! I have lots of confidence in you!!!


Mrs. M said...

Forget Holland, let's move to France! Where a nanny is govt funded for the first yr of life....couldn't we get more considering the attention our kids need?!:)
It's hard isn't it? Something always has to give....and it's often you, right? Often the professionals tell us mommas about self care and how important it is...hard to fit it in, have the energy, etc.
I love the idea of 5 hrs for a caregiver to do laundry, tidy etc. Once a week would be fabulous!
Hang in there sweetie! Maybe you can leave Johnaton with the kiddos over night....and just go to Grams even for a good sleep and some quiet time! A little rejuvenation. How about that once every two weeks? Let go of the guilt....it would be so worth it!

Holli said...

The work is never done in our lives. There is always something.

We are still waiting on respite to kick in. No funding means a long wait. But, thankfully, in the meantime, I've had my mom who always comes to help when I need her. Especially when I'm needing to stock up on keto food. And, lately I've had a little angel come to my rescue...my niece who's on summer vacation. She's been certainly welcomed around here since Chad's been working 12 hour days for three weeks solid!

Anyway, we all feel that need to hire someone to help out. Oh, I can't even imagine what I could do if I had a full time helper! :)