summers are for splashin' (a backyard therapy picture marathon)

The kids loooooove Grams & Pop Pop's pool!

It's certainly been a summer o' swimming weather in the North East. In fact, we finally broke down and ac-ed the whole house! Partially for Trevy's sake. Weird but true. He's been on Topomax for almost 2 years now...but this is the first summer we're seeing the tell tale signs of over heating. Inhibiting the body's ability to sweat is a Topomax side effect which increases the risk of heat stroke and seizures. AEDs are SO fun. Ugh. Makes you wonder if removing the broken parts of his brain...changed the way his body processes things? Makes me wonder anyway...

So we have been spending quite a bit of time chill-axin' in their 4 feet of backyard refreshing.

Trevy is quite the handful in the water. I swear he's on a mission to drown himself. Or me. Trying to teach that kid to keep his mouth closed feels impossible!

But it's good therapy. Movement in the water. So they say...

Water used to be a seizure trigger. Which is likely why my gut clinches whenever we get in. And I watch his face like a hawk for the ques of something brewing...

Grams too.

Yesterday he had us worried too. He was standing on the ladder. Resting his chin on the top step. Far off look in his eyes. Motionless. And seemingly non responsive.

We both called his name several times. And were met with glazed eyes and quiet.

Until a few seconds later he piped up "pee pee" and patted his boy area!

Grams and I laughed. With humor and relief. Cause come to think of it...he did have that "boy peeing" look to him!

It was particularly hysterical when Trevy chimed in again with "done"!

Anyway...I noticed I haven't posted pics in awhile. Too much text annoys me.



Mama Skates said...

i'm so jealous of Gram's & Pop Pop's pool...how fun! & if ur recent temps are anything like ours...necessary! love the peeing in the pool story...& of course all the pics!!!

Colby said...

LOVED seeing your sweet family just being "normal"!!!! Looks like so much fun! I'm envious!!

The peeing story was HILARIOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

'They' are right!

Loved these photos! Each and every one of you look great!

One of 'They' Barbara