there's always one

That's what I told myself on Tuesday this week. When some jerk honked at Trevy's school bus for taking too long. From my spot on the sidewalk I could see the aide was having some buckle issues with the car seat. Not that it matters.

There's always one jerk in every community.


We found ours! That's what I told myself.

But it happened AGAIN!

Only yesterday I was blessed with a blaring horn AND a bonus of profanity screaming through the window while I tried to keep my smile on for Trevy's sake. And that of the crew of kids waiting in the car for me to haul them to various camps.

I was SO hacked off. I even FaceBook threatened to call the police and media.

In the end I didn't muster up the energy.

But when it happened AGAIN this morning.

Holy Crow...I blew a fuse!!!!! I'm STILL shaking in fact.

I stood in the road and wrote down plate numbers of who I suspected was The Bully. And after I dropped the kids off at camp set about placing calls.

Police escort set up for Trevy's next scheduled school date. Sweet. SO community-ish for the special needs kids to have police escorts getting on the bus, don't you think.

I also contacted our local media. I don't know if they'll agree it's news worthy. But at least I feel like I doing everything I can to protect and defend my son.

It was suggested that I ask to move Trevy's bus stop for his safety. As it's right off Main Rd. And I'll admit it crossed my mind yesterday. But you know what? It's HIS bus stop. During the regular and extended school season. And I will NOT reward bullies and jerks!

Deal with it people.


Dora's Daddy said...

Those kinds of, mammals, tax my "turn the other cheekism." I'd much rather form and lead that vigilante hit squad I sometimes day-dream about. Good for you for taking action!

Anonymous said...

I think you are such a great mom!!!!! I also think you handled it better than I would have. I am not sure if the "bully" would be acting that way again if my 300 pound 6 foot 4 husband was the one seeing of my boy at the bus stop the next day...

Colby said...

You always make the best decisions for Trevy....You handle yourself perfectly!

Be sure and continue to keep us informed about these #@*bags....(Sorry!)


Mama Skates said...

i agree, i wouldn't have been so nice...glad the non-sense has stopped - hopefully for good!