backyard therapy: stop - go

Under his cute little face hides a very mischievous little boy more curious than the Cheshire cat. With lightening legs. And that's including his residual limp!

Which is why we never leave home without one of these...

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We have one for each car AND a spare! All of which are used often. And are very loved. By mommy. And daddy. Grams. Pretty much anybody that's ever had Trevy duty actually.



One of our goals is to eventually wean the leash.

I refuse to define eventually.


To help us move towards our leash-less goal we began implementing a fun little game called Stop - Go. You can play it pretty much any where there is space to run. In fact, that's kinda the point. So the next time your little run away starts to make a break for it...

Try grabbing his hand and saying in a playful voice "STOP".

(the more like a game you can make it feel the easier it will be on everyone)

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while causing you both to come to a halt.


(I like to wait until Trevy stops trying to squirm and wriggle free and finally looks up at me - cause I'm mean and all about eye contact)

Then say (and or sign...or use both like we do) GOOOOOO!

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And run a few steps before saying?

You guessed it...


Repeat until either you're pooped. Or he is.

Also...a bit of encouragement. Don't be dismayed if the first time you try feels like a complete train wreck. It did for us too. Trevy is very comfy running the show...or away from it. Much less pliable to being led. And the first time we played I think we may have completed two Stop and Go-s total. But we've stuck with it for months. And months. April. May. June. July. What are we now...August?

Just this week Trevy played Stop - Go successfully for the first time! I can't remember how many rounds...but it was enough to call it a success.

We're not packing the leashes away in the basement or anything. But we're making progress. And progress is good!


MJStump said...

I love the Stop-Go game....well, when it works :)

We have done it with Kylie many times, and it seems like all too recently she gets it and know to stop. Now it is more fun and less exhausting.

Oh, and we say and sign it too! One more thing we learned from our wonderful Signing Time dvds :)

Anonymous said...

he might like this "stop..go" song.

happy's mommy said...

J...we will occasionally get two spoken words from him. But often get a sign coupled with a word! 4 years ago I mocked the whole sign language boom. I'm embarrassed about that now.

And to whoever left that YouTube link...Trevy may not enjoy the song (he's napping right now) but mommy LOVES it!


MJStump said...

i am totally with you. i thought the sign language phenomenon with kids was just kinda out there, and look at us now...who knew life would take us here :)

Anonymous said...

glad you liked the video. My daughter loves it. Fyi,you may not recall...but i am the father of the girl who was in the neighboring room when trevy was having his surgery in detroit. I think my wife talked to you.

happy's mommy said...

How could I not remember your family! I think of you often. I just can't remember your wife's email...or else I'd probably be sending you all monthly stalking letters!

Actually the other day I was regretting letting her see Trevy like "that".

I hope all is well.

My heart aches for you often. Being in "the waiting place" was...for me...one of the most emotionally draining places. In a way...it was much easier once the seizures resurfaced and our choices were made for us.



Anonymous said...

You are the good kind of 'mean'.

We used a similar device - was just a wrist strap.

Anyone who says anything negative about the halter leash is the uninformed kind of rude.