iPad (free) app of the day

The hubs and I spent the weekend surfing the web in the hopes of hunting down (free-ish) Trevy friendly apps. Some luck was found. But mostly not really. We've downloaded and deleted a dozen or so already.

So in an endeavor to add our voice to the noise...

I will be randomly sharing our...

iPad app of the day

I informed Jonathan of my idea to generously help other new iPad owners with youngsters in need of education saturation. His response - clearly the iPad purchase was really just to beef up my blog posts.



Sound Touch Lite (grab yours here)



**I've discovered "lite" means a less exhaustive and therefore free version**


144 sounds & images of: animals, birds, vehicles, musical instruments and household objects

Love Love Love this app!

The screen is easy to understand and use. Simply tap a picture to hear the sounds and see another picture of the same subject. I especially like that the first pictures are cartoon-ish while the pop up picture is real. I'm all about concepts for the Trevster! You can toggle between the different categories by tapping the pictures on the navy bar located at the bottom of the screen. The sounds are very realistic as well.

This is one app that we may just have to purchase the non-lite version of!

Trevy Friendly Rating

2 thumbs up & 5 stars


Andi S said...


We don't have an iPad...yet. I'd love to have one for Emma, but I don't think she's anywhere near being able to utilize it, in any way. But....Jon & I do have the new iPhones. And I'm always looking for free apps. Thanks!!!

Sinead said...

During Autism awareness month (yes they get a whole month while IS gets a corner of a room and an Ad for ACTH) I downloaded free ABA cards from Kindergarten.com Keep an eye out for autism freebies. They come up all the time.

blogzilly said...

I'd get one, but if Bennett even gave it a glance he'd first try to spin it and then throw it after it failed to spin.

I'll stick to the cheaper option of coffee can lids for now. :(