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Description (in their words)

Let your children PLAY & LEARN with RedFish, a chock-full of creative exercises, learning activities, and open-ended play.

Played by children, tested by educators and approved by parents all over the World, RedFish is featuring an elegant touch interface, charming graphics and offers hours of delightful interaction for children aged 2-7.

Enjoy the puzzle made with... a Red Fish.

Designed by artists, psychologists and interaction specialists, the Redfish experience takes place in a colorful playroom, in which children find their way around in no time.

They will be proud of their achievements and will want to share their discoveries with you. Let them play freely with Redfish, you'll be amazed what those developing brains can do while having lots of fun and laughter.

With RedFish, FUN and LEARN finally mean the same thing, your children will love it!

A Mommy Review (in my words)

What I Like -

  • The pieces are easy to move and even for little unsuspecting fingers to accidentally pop into place.
  • The pop sound effect when a piece is placed into its home is a nice motivator.
  • When the puzzle is completed a little laughing baby fishie floats from the bottom to the top of the screen. Super cute.
  • The picture screen is simple and clear. Less is more for easily distracted boys who also have vision issues as a result of brain surgery.
  • The puzzles are simple and quick. Which helps if one is forcing a little boy to First Do Puzzle - Then Watch Pooh.
  • I was able to hold Trevy's left arm which required him to use his (weaker) right hand without too much fussing. Which means he was engaged. Engaged is good. Even if its for 2 minutes or less. Which is about how long he stuck with it.

Trevy Friendly Rating

2 thumbs up and 3 1/2 stars

(less stars because it held his attention for 2 minutes of less and required some hand over hand assistance)

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