laughing all the way

Trevy did pee pee on the potty!


That makes number three!

He thought my animated excitement was H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. And was giggling like a monkey. Which made for a bit of a messy scene. It's hard to make sure everything is pointing DOWN and IN when one is in stitches over the crazy mommy hopping and happy dancing in circles around an adorable toddler seated on a Cars potty!



Sinead said...

Love it. We have been flirting with the toilet for months. Its an on again off again kind of relationship. We get great days and terrible weeks. Yesterday Emma spilled water on her dress and did not like the sensation of being wet (a first) so I'm taking the cloth pants out on Saturday...again..... Filled with hope that our children will do their number ones and twos in the toilet consistently. Someday!

Jacob's Mommy said...

I am so impressed because Matthew has only been potty trained for a week and he is three and a half - and he had an "accident" at summer camp yesterday:( It is such a big deal that Trevy is aware and is nearly able to control his little body. I know this is gross but I can't wait until he does poop on the potty!

happy's mommy said...

Sinead...that's the key isn't it. Consistency. It requires SO much more energy to parent him than the other two! But then I do get a different level of joy over his accomplishments too...cause I know how hard he (AND ME!) have worked!

B...Toby was SUCH a tuffy with the poo-ing on the potty! I still tease him that he has very shy bowels!


blogzilly said...

How come when I pee on the potty everyone gets mad? I mean...c'mon people!

Now...if I pee IN the potty, that's another story altogether. But ON it? Fuggedaboudit.

Dawson said...

SO HAPPY ( and jealous lol) Hopefully our potty days are close at hand. Way to go trevor!!

Sinead said...

I have a bag of wet training pants and only three stickers on the Elmo chart. I think I'm going to start cutting up strips of old t-shirts to line the pull ups. It's a little easier. Like you said the key is consistency. I will add "and time and patience"