oh no we've created JUNKIES!

After months of (nagging) persuading...

I finally successfully convinced him that getting Trevy an iPad is a need

So after Trevy's nap (3 hour naps are torture sometimes!) we piled the kiddos in the car and set out for our nearest Apple store.

Which upon entering it became abundantly clear...

We are so not cool enough to hang there!

The place was positively teeming with people and gizmos of all shapes and sizes! And the noise. I could hardly think! It was a bit of sensory overload for Trevy, actually. Because he's non-verbal(ish) I have become a master at reading his body lingo. He was radiating insecurity ques. Mute. Wide (panicked) eyes. Repetitive pulling of the belly region of his shirt in-out-in-out-in-out. Clingy. Pointing at the exit.

I swooped Trevy up and went for a walk while daddy endured the up-sell attempt by the spiky haired sales dude.

I'll tell ya who wasn't insecure though...

Toby and Bri! Can you believe my little nerds figured out how to connect two of the display models and played Uno together!

The whole 45 minute ride home they were buzzing about all the stuff they couldn't wait to do with the iPad!


It provided lots of (my) entertainment listening to Toby verbally guide Jonathan (who was stumped often) through the set up process!


I don't think Jonathan appreciated my laughter.

Finally they were able to snuggle up and start playing!

Trevy was really confused at first. We fondly call his confused face The Lost Puppy look. Any time something deviates from his norm...he gets that look about him. And he's so used to the computer being big. And at a desk. So to suddenly have it in his lap?

He just wasn't quite sure what to do about it.

He even pushed it back to me when I tried to give it to him.

But it didn't take too long for all the wonderful Cause & Effect to


suck him right in!

Trevy (ahem...and his parents) needs all the cool people's help though!

Cause we're having issues finding appropriate (preferably free) apps to upload?

If you've found goodies...pretty please share the wealth with a comment!


Sinead said...

I got the yes no application for iPhone. It's pretty simple.
I want Proloque2go but not till I am sure it works. The speech therapist is going to try the iPod touch with her in the fall and we will ask Santa for it for Christmas if it looks successful in school. Speaking of school....two more weeks....thank God! There isn't a chewy in the house that hasn't had it's top bit off.

Shannon said...

Oh my. Congratulations. Color me jeaaalllouuus. have you seen babieswithipads.blogspot.com? She's a therapist who has just receintly purchased and ipad for use with her kids. She also tries to get cheap and free applications and frequently has lists of the apps she's using. There are also videos of kids with various diagnosis using it.

Good luck (And I fully expect app reviews from you now since I hope to be next on the list! We planned to wait until next gen, but I just don't think I can... Dylan NEEDS!)

happy's mommy said...

Sinead...I love the idea of a Yes-No app! We're trying to help Trevy discover that concept. It's SO crazy that he understands the difference between a boy and a girl...but not yes and no?! Weird. Anyway... Girl...I hear ya about school! My mom has been a HUGE summer survival tool!

Shannon...Firstly - hi! I just peeked at your blog. Dylan is adorable! Both of them are actually. :) I've been lusting after an iPad for MONTHS now! I have been to babieswithipads! Love her blog. Great idea! Totally used it to persuade the hubs! Well that...and the fact that we've never ever purchased any piece of therapy equipment yet. :) It's certainly pricey. But with how engaged Trevy...I'm hoping it earns it's value within the month! And I promised to not purchase any apps for awhile...and just make due with freebies.

Which btw...there are ABA app flashcards for FREE!


Sarah said...

Hey!!! I am passing along a blogger award to you if you'd like - you can see it at:


Tell us 7 things about yourself and then pass the award on to 2 other blogs!

happy's mommy said...



Shannon said...

Danielle - I actually found your blog through Erin - Ironically I had already 'met' Trevor. Your videos of Trevor helped me diagnose my daughter with IS when I found them on YouTube a year ago. I consider those videos a life saver for her.

I am so looking forward to hearing more about your *ahem* Trvor's new toy!

happy's mommy said...

Oh Shannon...you know you totally made me cry like a baby right? I hate that you met us through heartbreaking seizure videos...but at same time my heart is warmed that it helped you. That is a huge chunk of why I have chosen to live this journey out loud. Some days it feels like it would be so much easier to head to the hills and hibernate. :) But my sappy heart won't let me...


KC's Mama said...

Hey there,
My Mom (who is an I Pad junkie also : ) told me to tell you to go to apps store on the I Pad desktop, then go to top charts and then the top charts has two columns and one column is all the free apps.
Good luck!

happy's mommy said...

Karen...tell you mom she's AWESOME! ;)


Janice said...

I am a SLP and I use an I pod touch for therapy. Here are some of my favorites- generally they are pretty cheap if not free, but I can't remember all of them. All the ABA flash cards are good. Yes/ no is simple and good. There are some really cute wheels on the bus, old mcdonalds farm and itsy bitsy spider by I think duck duck moose that are great for cause/ effect. I also have a cute 5 little monkeys. I think learn to talk has a free version, my kiddos love it even though I thought the pictures were boring. Those are all can think of right now, I'll look tomorrow and see if I can find more that might be good. I am a bit addicted and have lots of apps :)

Barbara said...


Barbara said...

Can't figure out how to paste by iPhone!! See www.attips.posterous.com

Colby said...

SO happy that you now have this wonderful tool to open up many new worlds for ALL of your kids...But especially Trevor!

I often wonder if Colby had been born 20 years later, would he have seen benefit from these great new gadgets at an early age? Oh well....Can't go back!!!

So keep us posted on how things go...Love LOVE the photos (as always!)