so how much did they remove?

Dr. Neuro said something during our last visit that shook me a bit.

And left me wondering.

If maybe I misunderstood or was misrepresenting Trevy's brain surgery.

You know they can't remove a whole hemisphere, right?

She said.

I knew they'd left Trevy's motor strip in place. But no. Other than that I've been pretty much convinced the rest of the tissue was removed.

It has randomly haunted my thoughts during moments of idolness. Until finally I started trying to cipher the medical records I have organized in thick color coded binders. My eyes swam. And my brain swirled. Med speak makes me dizzy.

So I cheated.

And emailed Dr. Rockstar for clarification.

He responded this:

The removed areas include: (i) the left frontal lobe, (ii) parietal lobe, (iii) temporal lobe and (iv) occipital lobe.A portion of the left frontal and parietal lobes (i.e.: sensorimotor cortex in the left hemisphere) was preserved.

Which I guess may not be a whole hemisphere. Technically.

But it comes pretty darn close!

Which happens to also create a nice segue for me to leave you with this wonderful resource which helps decode the function of various regions of the brain and how insult to it may be manifested.


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

For Sophie (which is actually the same for Trevy), they took out more than I thought. I thought they were only going to take out the top layers of the different areas. But then I requested her post-op MRI on a CD. And...no...it is pretty much all gone. And it is not growing back ;)

happy's mommy said...

Because you went first I was ready for the full monty. But when they had the grids in Dr. Asano told me they saw with clarity THE focus...so I went crazy with the thinking they'd take out less! Only to be mortified again...when they told us how much they actually did remove. But then I started second guessing myself. I can be prone to drama. That's why I asked. And then I read it in black and white and even though I know it...and even though I'm thankful it was an option...it still made me queasy. Makes me queasy.

How bizarre is this life?!


blogzilly said...

They ended up taking out more in Bennett than we thought, only because once they saw the tumor type they 'went deep' to be safe. And yet...with less removed, he is less able to do the things that Sophie and Trevor do, so go figure? Maybe it isn't really quantity of mass removed compared to all that stuff about brains we just don't understand.

Though now I want to see a more black and white description of what exactly was taken out.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm impressed. With everyone contributing to this post and the comments.

Based on your comment, danielle, I hope you do not choose to look at a post-op MRI as Elaine did.

That brain page looks familiar. I think I've been there before.

Despite the gross anatomy (means macro not icky) there is so much more to neurophysiology. I know what I don't know and it is a lot. Which reminds me of some of what you posted here before, danielle - regarding the source of his seizures - something about neurodevelopment, I think. Perhaps you could bring that back up - if you know to what I am referring.

Another Mommy blogger I know was making reference to myelinization being complete by age 3 years. I asked if she was confident that her son had myelinated in typical timing. No, she said.

"all that stuff about brains we just don't understand" Perfectly said, Ken.


happy's mommy said...

I am a glutton for punishment and will definitely look at the MRI. Even though it makes me woozy to think about it...I want to keep it fresh too. I have myself convinced that I can't forget...because he'll never remember.

I thought myelization wasn't complete until around age 5? And even then it's still all a guessing game right?

Had my eyes checked today. Laughed til I cried because the poor doctor couldn't get a glycoma test done on me. I'm just not good with the touching of the eyes. While she numbed them and kept coming at me...I started thinking about all the tests Trevy has had to endure...and how I couldn't keep my eyes from blinking for just a second. And it made me double over in laughter. To the point that I had to explain to the doctor just why I found it so hilarious.

Turns out 7 years ago she had a massive brain tumor removed. Almost didn't make it. Couldn't walk or speak afterwards. But with the help of intensive rehab...the only residual loss is in her left eye. We laughed over the irony too.

The brain is complex and mysterious and amazing. To me a reflection of the One who Designed it.

I keep reminding myself of that.

I can and do read all the data. But the data doesn't dictate who Trevy will be. But then, neither do I. And that is the cruxt of my personal struggle.


It's rainy here. I'm always sappy when it's rainy. :)


Anonymous said...

Okay, I will quit trying to save you from yourself. Just my suggestion for what is worth (zero).

Hoping you will forgive me for not going to look-up when myelinization is complete - I think her reference was to the myelinization from head to toe (distance on peripheral nerves) is complete about age 3 years. Then, I think, myelin continues to thicken in the brain if not elsewhere.

I also see our complexity and specifically neural complexity as a reflection of the Divine Designer.

Funny that you had that conversation during an eye exam. I don't think weather particularly affects my mood.


happy's mommy said...

On the contrary Miss. B...I love your suggestions! :)

You are more than forgiven for not running to google. I didn't either.

Rainy weather always seems to bring out my melancholy.