Trevy's newest obsession?

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Holy Moly is he smitten!

At first it was cute. Cause he says "pooooooh" just so deliciously.

Mommy was SO smitten by the cute that what could she do but?

Go to YouTube of course! To find all the Pooh-ish things to be found.

Trevy's favorite...

For weeks now Trevy points at the computer (which may need to be hidden in the basement or a closet if we're ever to have peace again) and shouts "poooooooh"! Over and over and over again until I finally give up on emailing or posting and relent.

He's upped the anti lately too. And has taken to literally fighting his way (cause I'm pushing him off!) up into my lap and when I say "wait a minute, Trevy" he'll take my face in his hands and force me to look at him. So he can say "poooooh" a million times in a row. Just in case I missed the million time before, I guess.


So this morning when daddy was his target. Cause he was stationed at the computer trying to do something poductive. I jumped on the chance to say...

See, honey, this is why he needs an iPad!


Adesta said...

If I can find it, I have a winnie the pooh doll that I bought for myself years ago that plays that song. No words, but you wind it up and it plays....I've never seen any of my kids play with it so when I find it, I will mail it to Trevy! :)

happy's mommy said...

Awwww...he'd love it! I have to admit...I was never really into Pooh...but Trevy has sold me!


Colby said...

Awe...He's a guy after my own heart!!!

And that is FANTASTIC that he is getting into "technology," even though he is taking away your own time on the 'puter!

Colby is OBSESSED with his TV shows and telephones and all things electronic w/buttons....But he won't even LOOK at the computer screen! Even when I skype with his favorite aunt!

Go Trevy!