you know you're a special needs mommy when...

You're jealous of those who can take advantage of the pharmacy's auto refill program. But it never fails...every time you try there's bound to be another dosage change.


You never take the same route twice to the pharmacy. You know...to prevent noticing of the hundred dollars worth of (legal) narcotic pick ups you orchestrate several times a month.

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Colby said...

Oh, Danielle! I've never thought about someone following me from the drug store to steal my loot! I need to keep that in mind!

When my oldest goes by the pharmacy to pick up Colby's stash, he gets VERY embarressed...."They know my car, Mom...They don't even have to ask the name....And they fill up a brown GROCERY bag, NOT the regular little prescription bag....I feel like a 'drug dealer' and like they are looking at me funny!"