First Day of School (a picture marathon)

Showing off his Elmo backpack - he didn't know mommy had a Elmo Lunchbox hiding inside!
Bristel getting the 1st day of school low down from Trevy
Trevy's reaction to seeing Miss. May May (um...that's Megan)
irresistible cuteness!
She picked a Tink Backpack!
Looking a little nervous
Trevy tends to shove his fist in his mouth when he's feeling nervous - cute now - later???
I spy the big yellow bus with MY little eye!


Anonymous said...

The pictures make me smile= ). . . I miss them and cannot believe it will be so long before I see them in person. Love and kisses and hugs all around. Mom (Bibi)

MSKMOM said...

Very cute pics. So, how was the first day of school for all 3 of them

Colby said...

Enjoyed the photo journey, as always....So much CUTENESS!!!!

Brought back some fond memories of those days with my own boys!! thanks for that!!! :-)

Beffy said...

I'm 17 and that Tinkerbell backpack makes me jeaaloouuss ;)
They're all adorable as always! Hope they had a good first day :)

blogzilly said...

Great pics. Bennett has the EXACT same backpack. We are TRUE soul brothers and sisters.