it was just a phase

She's one of the most ferocious and wonderful advocates I've ever had the privilege of working beside in my 25 years...

Dr. Developmental Pedi was throwing over her shoulder at the intern tailing her.  I gathered she was referencing me.  As I was the one waiting in the room.  I winked and asked...

Does that equate to being a colossal pain in the butt?

She smiled and replied...

Well...you did find my email. 

Which is true.  But hey, if you put out there.  For all of the big wide connected world to find?  Someone's bound to give it a go.  Right? 

I've emailed lots a medical professionals in the past three years.

It's been six months since we last had the joy of being crammed into her entirely too small office.  Where we are further joyed to sit on the entirely too uncomfortable chairs.  What's with doctors offices and chairs that feel like they're trying to repel you?  Maybe it's a New England thing?  

Dr. Development is SO funny.  To me.  She does not even attempt to hide her fascination with Trevy.  Cross my heart she exclaimed "Can you believe he only has half a brain?!" more than once.  She has him run the halls in nothing but his Luvs.  Just to be amazed that the limp is practically undetectable.  I love it.  There's just something so wonderful.  So delicious.  So heart filling.  Having someone who understands all the levels of miraculous wrapped up in that little boy.  My little boy.  Crawling around the floor pushing a car and making vroooooming sounds.  Who's not making even one attempt to lick the light socket by the way! 

And she reminded me (because a side effect of being Trevy's mommy is life in blurry) that six months ago we all worked up a sweat trying to control his light switching and door banging habit!  I forgot, you know.  I forgot how obsessed he used to be with turning lights off and on and off and on and...  And the doors.  My Word.  Constantly with the opening and closing.  Doors.  Drawers.  Anything that opened or closed!  He was positively addicted.  And that was how we spent most of our last appointment.  But some time over the course of the past six months...he passed through that phase.     

He passed through that phase.  It was just a phase.  I remember wondering six months ago if Trevy's obsessions were going to define the rest of my life.  But it was just a phase.    

Today he was fully engaging Miss. Intern.  Handing her the various little figurines when asked.  His new addiction.  Characters.  There was pooh...and big bird...and ernie...  He was in Character Loving heaven!  I watched in awe as he completed two (3 piece) puzzles in as many seconds.  Flat.  And you know that book they use?  The one with two objects per page.  Then four.  Then six.  He did GREAT!  He didn't falter until there were six objects to choose from.  And even then I wondered if he wasn't just bored.  He was much more into the flirting.  At one point he even plucked the sticker off his shirt.  Walked over to Dr. Development.  Uttered an almost intelligible "sticker".  And pat pat patted it onto her shirt.  Oh the melting after that! 

Everything about today's appointment was wonderful.  

So completely the opposite of times past that it felt almost eerie.  Like someone should pinch me.  And quick!

It's so easy to dwell on the mountain looming above.  And dwell I do.  It's easy to grow weary in all the advocating and therapying.  And grow weary I do.  It's so easy to see only the deficits and miss the passing through phases.  The growing.  The organizing.  The amazing!  In fact, in the waiting room Trevy was at the craft table with a sibling.  She was also three.  And rather than celebrating the fact that Trevy knew what to do with the little chair.  And even attempted to paint the paper rather than his tongue.  I spent most of the time noticing all the things she could do and he couldn't.  I definitely waste too much time focusing in the wrong direction. 

And it hit my heart like a ton of bricks when Dr. Development brought up the fact that perpetual light flipping and door slamming are behind us.  He moved through a phase!  Progression.  Even of the slow and steady variety.  Is a beautiful...amazing...somebody pinch me quick...thing...  


MJStump said...

I Love this post!

Love the happiness and the joy that you got to share at the Drs today!

Love that Dr was able to remind you how Trevy has gotten over the phase of doors and light switches (sometimes I too wonder if things are "just" a phase or if it is just who Kylie is).

Love that Trevy showed off his Amazing-ness, and you get to be Super Proud Mommy over and over again....because he will always amaze you and make you so proud of Everything he does :)

Lots of hugs and happy dances for you all!

Anonymous said...

This post did my heart good. Thanks, Happy's Mommy!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great visit and a great doctor! Enjoy:-)


Anonymous said...

Fabulous :)

We saw Henry's consultant today too and she was smiling the entire time :)

Positive doc appts, who'd have thunk?

kt x

blogzilly said...

That's fantastic news. It may be slow going, but at least it is GOING, and that is a great, great thing indeed.

Adesta said...

This is sweet!!! So glad that this visit entailed all this good news.

Off topic....you know when you spend way too much time on facebook when you go looking for the like button. Yes, I actually looked for it before saying to myself, "Hey dummy, this is her blog, not her fb page!!!" *sigh*

Colby said...

I'm celebrating through this post!

How very, very blessed to have this doc....They ARE few and far between!

You have reminded us here that the crazy times are ONLY phases....Thanks for that!!!