maybe I should hold off on that service dog application?

And opt for the SmartWatch instead...

Seizures affect more than 50 million people worldwide including 3 million people in the US. The SmartWatchSmartWatch enables early intervention by caregivers upon receiving alerts of sustained abnormal movements. At present the monitoring is done 100% by caregivers who need to be in close proximity to the patient 24/7/365.

Following is a summary of the product’s features and capabilities:

  • The SmartWatch alerts caregivers to the occurrence of sustained abnormal movements that may be caused by an uncontrolled, convulsive seizure which lasts for more than a few seconds.
  • It can be set to alert the caregiver at a specified time interval after detecting abnormal movements.
  • The SmartWatch records abnormal movement patterns and duration for later analysis by a medical professional.
  • The device is fully portable and can be worn in and out of bed, during sleeping and waking hours as the patients and caregivers go about their regular activities in their homes, schools, offices and elsewhere.
  • SmartWatch can send out alerts in the form of SMS messages to multiple devices simultaneously – cell phones, pagers etc.

How it Works
The SmartWatch is primarily worn on the wrist like a watch, but can be worn on the arm, leg/ankle of patients whose abnormal movements are more pronounced and dominant in the arm or ankle. The device continuously monitors movements, analyzes them for abnormality and issues alerts to external devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.

The SmartWatch connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to a mobile phone or PDA to communicate the alerts and to send out data on the movement patterns. It currently works with Apple’s iPhone and mobile phones running Windows Mobile. The wearer of the SmartWatch needs to carry one of these blue-tooth enabled mobile phones on their person or be within 20 feet range of such a phone. Upon the occurrence of sustained abnormal movements, the SmartWatch communicates alerts to the mobile phone in range which in turn can transmit the alerts to any number of cell phones and pagers.

The product has a built-in internal memory to record and store abnormal movements that it detects. In addition to a mobile phone, the SmartWatch can also connect and communicate alerts wirelessly to a Bluetooth enabled laptop or desktop computer.

For pricing and further information about the SmartWatch, please contact us.

SmartWatch is currently undergoing clinical trials. The product is not for sale in the US. It has not been reviewed by the FDA yet. If you are interested in product trials, please contact us.

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Andi S said...

I often joke that we need 2 seizure dogs...

One for Emma.

And one for our current dog who has a seizure every 2-3 months. She started having them right around her 4th birthday (we got her a couple months shy of 4 years old).

Though interesting, I'm not sure if that watch would help with Emma. Her seizures aren't pronounced in any one limb anymore. Mostly she does disappears for a second or has a facial tick. Maybe I could wrap it around her face? ;)

happy's mommy said...

That's a great mental pic - wrapped around the face! :)

My doggie growing up had seizures too!

Trevy has had 3 tonic-clonics post surgery. But what we're seeing more of are complex partials...so it probably wouldn't help us much either. Although it scares me to death that he'll have a grand mal at school. Mind you...we've never intervened with Diastat anyway. Although Lord knows we should have done something during those half hour long clusters. I was just afraid I guess? Suddenly I'm thinking I must have a fear problem?!

Anyway...the thought of him having a tonic clonic away from me is very scary. Which is why I'd be open to having a watch on him that would alert everyone in the room a few seconds in...and they could call me...and I could be there in five!


Colby said...

Know the feeling, Danielle...That's why Colby isn't in an adult program now...I just can't be away from him...I've got the Diastat, too...Never had to use it yet...We use 15 mgs. of Valium for rescue between flurries.....

This watch looks very interesting...I would LOVE to have something that would alert us...

Thanks for the info!

Mrs. M said...

I want 2 service dogs!
One for Bup and the seizures....
and one for Warner and the severe ADHD stuff. Bup would need a little dog and Warner a bigger dog...but at $18k each and a 4 yr wait list I'll keep dreaming. *sigh*