the price of dissection

Remember a few weeks back I posted a poll about how much you thought it might cost these days to have one's brain tissue sliced and diced and pathologalized.  Yes, I just made that word up.  I'm crazy like that. 


I myself totally forgot.  And would have left you hanging forever had not yet another bill arrived in the mail this week.  

Let me pause here for a sec.  And emphasize that I thank God our old insurance was our insurance at the time of surgical intervention.  As I somehow doubt our new non-Speech Therapy covering insurance would have gone to the same lengths to rescue a sweet little seizure saturated boy.  No matter how adorable he may be. 

But I digress.  And run the risk of leaving you hanging again.  

::drum roll please:: 

73.5% of you (sorry, guys but you were wrong) voted $15,345.75 

18.4% voted (wrong too) $5250.00

6.1% of you (gave me way too much creativity credit) opted for "other" 


2% (also known as 1 voter...bet I can guess who too!) chose the RIGHT answer of $1216.00 

Rather reasonable if you ask me.  Just don't ask our new insurance provider!  


Debbie said...

what a deal!

lisa said...

I was surprised what the actual cost of some of the items was too.

Sorry you're still getting bills! A year later, unbelievable.

JSmith5780 said...

So the $1200 was the cost to you? Our the hospital cost? And I assuem that cost was JUST the slicing portion? Our pre-srgical stay was tens of thousands. I never noticed what his brain biopsy cost though.

happy's mommy said...

Oh yes...that's pathology ONLY. Everything together was well over a million. That's right folks...I have a million dollar kid!