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No doubt I think Bristel is one of the most adorable and hilarious kids I've ever met.

Her antics often leave me glowing with pride and joy and hilarity.  

Like yesterday's for instance.  

Evidently she rode the bus beside on of her classmates who happens to be the big brother to one of Trevy's classmates.  According to Bristel they spent the five minute bouncing ride chatting about ways to help their little brothers learn!  

You're glowing too aren't you?! 


Trevy loves his Miss. Speech.  Miss. May May tells me he cries every time Miss. Speech leaves the room without him!  

There are no words to describe the warmth in my heart knowing the quality of the people working with and loving my little man!  I truly feel blessed!


Toby and I have gotten off to a bumpy start working with his new online curriculum.  It's really really nifty.  But new.  Which means a learning curve.  

Toby does not do very well with changes.  

Day One was a bit of a nightmare actually!  It was especially frustrating for him that the computer will not accept inaccurate spelling!  Let's just say that's one of his needs work areas.  


It helped that daddy (who was homeschooled all the way through high school!) has been raving about how coooool Monarch is!  

It also helps that Toby and I can send email messages back and forth to each other via our very own webpages.  He sent me this one yesterday...

im sorry about that mistake. I gess I should always check my emails after each subject and I shouldent of thorne (thrown) a fit yesterday.Oh I should always check before school too. I love Monarch it is very fun unless you think its dum the first day hehehehe just joking I do think its fun.

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