summary of my morning

Love note from Jonathan who went golfing before work (with permission :) and sweetly prepped both coffee and Trevy's meds. 

Am greeted by bed-head Trevy with "paaaaaaaaaaaad" demands.  Which is of course Trevy speak for iPad.  We may have an addiction problem on our hands!  


Bristel is complaining that she's not a "buser" today.  Evidently it's just not cool for Kindergarteners to be picked up by mommy! 

Meanwhile industrious Toby has already completed his Penmanship and Science and  is now begging to add a Pokemon video to our Netflix que!  

I think it's time for a 3rd cuppa already!  And the clock just struck eight am! 


Beth said...

Hi! Just want to say I love your blog :)

Also I had a question because I am confused, I thought you homeschooled Toby and Bristel, but she goes to kindergarten? :$ I'm just confusing myself, thank you for the clarification.

happy's mommy said...

Haha...I was wondering if anyone would ask. :)

Sooooo...our local K program is only half days. And Bristel is VERY social. For this year (next is yet undecided) she's attending our local public school. And loving it thus far! She's in the room right next to Trevy and sees him in passing. It's sweet.

More to say...but haven't had my coffee yet!


Beth said...

Thanks a bunch for answering! completely forgot I asked, (i forget to even eat when I'm studying for college exams). And that's sweet :) Glad she likes it! :D