back on the grid

You may have wondered why I've been a bit MIA for the past week or so?

Of course you may not have too.


But I'm going with the former! It makes me feel warm & fuzzy. And does wonders for any self esteem issues I have lingering from my middle school years.

::big smile::

Soooo...since you noticed. I thought I'd reward your kind-hearted curiosity with an irresistibly adorable picture marathon of exactly what Trevy and fam have been up to while we were off the grid for a week or so...


Trevy was granted a Wish trip to celebrate his 1 year post hemi (read: removal of almost HALF his brain) surgery anniversary! 

Pictures like this are AWESOME!  Total black mail for future dates! 

One of my faves! Catching Trevy in the act of smiling is tricky...so when we do it's always a fave. 

Such a ham! 

Can I get some honey with that ham?! 

Awwww...Goofy kissed Trevy's boo-boo spot! 

Possible Christmas photo card material.  So what if the kids all look dorky...Jonathan I look Super Cute! 

Is she too cute...or is she too cute? 

Trevy's star is hanging in the Castle of Miracles located in the heart of Give Kids the World resort in Kissimme, FL.  We have the coordinates if you're interested! :)

Melting anybody?! 

Hmmmm...do I need to break out that Barney photo already? 

Trevy smoochied Mickey's nose! 

Toby was the official "Trevy Holder in Placer" for all the pictures! 

hahaha this one just cracks me up!  Toby couldn't look less thrilled!  But don't let the surly face fool ya...he was LOVING it!  In fact, he begged to see the characters the most! 

Trevy kisses usually look like this.  A hand to the mouth.  Don't ask me why?  Maybe someday he'll be able to tell me! 

Many many thanks to our local Make a Wish chapter and Give Kids the World for granting Trevy this extraordinary gift!  

Like Minnie always says...

Dreams do come true! 

And for those who are craving more Disney adorable-iciousness...

no worries...you know I have way more pics to post! 


Debbie said...

super sweet pics...

bet you never thought you'd be seeing dreams come true one year later...how cool!

JSmith5780 said...

Looks like a wonderful adventure for the whole family! I see you left the Barney look-a-like picture off here :)

Beth said...

Oooh Disney World! Loovee Disney world, one of the best places on Earth. Hope you guys had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Such lovely pics, what a great trip!

Oh and Henry does a kiss with the hand too, maybe up close is just too much?

kt :)

Mrs. M said...

How absolutely wonderful!!!
You all deserve such a special trip.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea! So happy to see the photos and know that your family had this wonderful experience!


Kristen said...

Loved the smile pictures of Trevy!!

I think the second fam picture would make a great Christmas card ;)

What a dream for the older kids too!!