Look, Mom, I got some food! 

I should have known better than to look.  For what do I find...but Tobin coming at me with a piece of floss taunt between his hands.  Pride in his eyes.  And sure enough...chunkies on the string! 


Bristel informed me that a little boy in her class has been trying to kiss her...

The looooooong way!!!! 

Was her wide eyed description.  


Can I sprinkle bacon bits on Callie's food so she'll like it better? 

Was the first question of my morning.  


Bristel's 1st show & tell is this week.  Toby couldn't resist putting in his two cents saying she should bring Trevy!  To which Bristel responded...

Nooooooooo way...he'd be TOO crazy!  

Her ponytail flopping back and forth with her head.

He always gets too crazy when he sees me at school! 

I have mentioned that if he were a puppy he'd pee the floor when I pick him up from school, right?


Toby was holding Callie in the back seat on our way home from the vet's.  Someone cut me off which required brake stompage sending Callie flailing to the floor.

Dog overboard!!!  Dog overboard!!!! 

Called my elementary Dog Whisperer. 


A Cheeky Funny Story 

Grams was over for some iPad time disguised as a visit.  (side note: we're totally addicted to the Diner Dash game!)  Upon seeing me hand it to her Trevy immediately yanked it away delcaring...



We did the most amazing thing ever!!!! 

Was Bristel's after school report.  I nodded encouragement to go on.

We played on the big kids playground!!!!! 


Kristen said...

Um, lol
What grade is Bristel in??(eyes wide open in shock)
Gross about the floss.
LOL about the Dog and
LOVE that Trevor said "Mine"!!

Mrs. M said...

Your kiddos crack me up!
The floss totally grossed me out! Toby...such a boy!
Trevy and mine....whoa! Good for him and oh my goodness...isn't it a little great to see his stubborn, determined side!
That Bristel is just the funniest little girlie around.
Keep randoming...it's wonderful happy moments!