Friday, October 29, 2010

well, that backfired

We've been seeing the emergence of some...


Interesting?  Naughty?  Cheeky?  Delayed...but possibly Typical? 

behaviors from Trevy.  

I'm talking...hitting...kicking...yanking...pulling (hair, glasses, clothing, both yours and his)...smacking...slapping...spitting...pinching...

and let's not forget the biting.  The biting is the worst!  Cause it always happens as a sneak attack.  One minute you're all snuggled up and content.  Then you blink and it all goes to pot.  And you've got a little Frodo look-a-like vampire on your arm.  Or leg.  Or shoulder.  

Not to worry.  We have discipline strategies in place to help promote non-vampire behaviors.  I'm sure they'll work sooner or later.  Much...much...later... 


However, this morning I couldn't implement any of our creative discipline techniques because one of my hands was occupied with trying not to slosh steaming hot coffee onto the little leech's head!  Meanwhile his teeth were sinking deeper into my shoulder.  Sooooooo...I did what may shock those among you who have not endured life with a vampire.  

I slapped his little face.  

It wasn't a hard smack.  It was just enough to accomplish the mission of disengaging his jaws before he drew blood.  

He sat up with a somewhat surprised look on his face.  

Blinked twice.

And then proceeded to enthusiastically and repeatedly slap his own face.  Laughing all the way!  


The joys of Seizure Mommyhood...


Sophie's Story by Elaine said... always...Trevy reminds me so much of Sophie. If you find something effective, please let me know. Because I have the teeth marks on my arm to prove that she still isn't over this phase (can you still call it a phase if it has been over a year???).

happy's mommy said...

Are you kidding? I'm stealing your gating the hallway trick this week! Jonathan was on the fence...he doesn't like feeling caged in...until he spent a week trying to manage Trevy. :) Actually, Trevy rejected me ALL last week opting instead for Jonathan. It was kinda fun.


Mrs. M said...

Ohhhh! Sometimes the physical seems easier to deal with than the emotional...and then I'm in it and it is NOT!
Good luck with the behavior management techniques. Please share them all...whether they work or not.
We've got the language issues..."Stupid!" and nothing has worked sauce! Something I definitely wouldn't recommend and it took me ages to do.

Kristen said...

We still get bites with rages. Now, we can put him in time out (he hate hate hates it) though and tell him how it is against the law to hurt other people. (i.e. the police), but I remember my son getting me on the top of my breast and showing people who looked with horror. Interesting to hear other parents going through it 3 years after we did. (he is 6 now) We just tried to avoid it (they are sneaky though) and gating off the house sounds like a good idea.

Anonymous said...

sounds pretty typical to me!!! I had to do the same to my 3 yr old child..and he thought the little smack on his face was the funniest thing ever. NO BITING!!! ugh.