when something clicks

Trevy's speech development has been nothing short of amazing post surgery.  

Sure...there are times when the shadow of the mountain we're trying to climb tests my emotional fortitude.  But when I'm honest.  Really...honest.  How can I be anything but amazed.  Thankful.  Blessed. 

That said. 

We've been in a sort of plateau for a while now.  Months long.  Trevy's speech isn't really intentional.  Or conversational.  It's more single words.  Most times imitative.  Some times self prompted.  Especially with the right motivator.  Take for instance...the iPad.  

We hear unprompted "Paaaaaaa" demands all day long.  Lately he'll tag "Peeeeee" on the end which is Trevy speak for "please".  


But something clicked last week.  

And suddenly Trevy is not just randomly saying "mama".  Or answering the "who's that?" question for the gazillionth time in a single day.  

Suddenly...he's calling my name intentionally. Or daddy's.  He'll even go so far as to call our name repeatedly.  And should we not hear...he'll call our name AND tap us!  Cause he really has something to say!  Like yesterday for instance...while Trevy was strapped in his high chair eating lunch he had this conversation with Jonathan:


Yes, Trevy

Owe-sigh (Trevyspeak - outside) 

Okay, buddy, but first let's eat lunch

This is followed by a thoughtful pause. 


Yes, Trevy

Awwwwe Duhhhh!  (Trevyspeak accessorized with lopsided sign language - All Done!) 

Somethings the shadows pass and our hearts are warmed by the glow of Grace & Joy.  

When something clicks...


Beth said...

That's awesome! He seems like such a sweetie.

blogzilly said...

That's great. There's certainly a pattern forming there, a definite understanding of a chain of events in the communication, which is key. One thing equaling another to another. Very important building blocks to what lies ahead.

I'm happy for him.

Anonymous said...

I am doing research for my college paper, thanks for your useful points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

- Kris

another mama said...

Yea Trevor! That makes my day.

Anonymous said...

Happy for Happy's Mom & Dad!

Dropped by to drop this on you:

Not free apps but just to share the latest app-stuff coming across my screen. Barbara

joanne foltz said...

I can almost hear them!! PTL for the progress!!! The ladies here are still asking about you all and we pray for you all on a regular basis. Love and hugs!! Bibi

Colby said...


I can just visualize your little family REALLY TRULY VERBALLY interacting now!!!!!

Trevy has come so, so far....I remember when I first began reading this wonderful blog....He's a different child now!!!

Congratulations on the "clicking"!


JSmith5780 said...

The progress is amazing!!