mononucleosis is a jerk

Seriously.  Seriously.  I have never seen Trevy that sick other than that time he was having radical brain surgery.

Poor baby! 

But before you start feeling too badly for him...he's bouncing right back.  Sure, he's sitting with his iPad for a few minutes longer than normal.  And yes, he's been getting most of his sustenance from chocolate milk.  

 But seriously.  Seriously.  He's already trying to bite me again!  I'd say that's a close to miraculous recovery!  



Kristen said...

So glad he is almost bitting you again!! ;) I can't believe how sick he got!! So scary. Let us know when he is trying to get you full force! :)

Colby said...

I am so, SO thankful your little guy is recuperating this quickly....I have been following this on Facebook....

I know you were terrified....The breathing thing? Only seen it opnce with the first grand mal, and NEVER want to see it again!!!!!!!

My mono took about 6 weeks to get over, but remember, I was 16...And these little ones seem to really bouce back so much quicker....Trevy is just AMAZING!!!! :-)

And praise the Lord for no seizures!!!....Can you even IMAGINE going through THAT illness WITH them???

Take care of your sweet little family!!!


Debbie said...

ok...you need to FB me cuz I am getting the tale end of this here...
amazing his body is able to fight so well...and if there was ever a time seizures could rear their ugly head and DIDN'T!?!?!? WOOHOOO!!!!

(I never use FB personally but do have the app on my blkbery. I admit...I don't post, just read ;)

Anonymous said...

eew. Mono. Glad to read he is better. eew. Biting.