parent-teacher conferences

Toby's was a cinch.  Although truth be told...his dad was a bit flirty with the teacher!  The teacher being me, of course.  So I didn't really mind the flirty.   


Tobes is getting As, Bs and a C in Penmanship.  Because his mommy is a meanie!  No "but I'm a lefty" excuses for sloppy handwriting in this house! 


Since two outta three of his siblings are our holiday guests...we have in-home babysitters!  And I chose to take advantage of it!  Which is how I convinced Jonathan to attend Bristel's with me.

Bristel is a successful student.  She tested far above average in her reading readiness skills.  Which surprised and delighted me.  See, I've been completely convinced I failed her last year.  Because...you know...much of my last year was consumed with all things seizures & brain surgery. I had very little energy left to invest in preparing her for K.  Her math and writing skills are average and coming along nicely.  She functions in the class appropriately.

But the one point her teacher really hit upon was her - Empathy.  Bristel notices when a friend is sad or needs help and immediately goes into action.  Either trying to cheer them up or asking the teachers for help on their behalf.  Miss. K made a very big deal about it, saying that Bristel's thoughtful and gentleness goes above and beyond what they typically see in their students.  

I'll admit...upon hearing that my heart smiled.  Like a Cheshire cat.   

You know, I think Bristel is already predisposed to be sweet and caring.  But I'd also like to believe that being Trevy's sister has shaped her (is shaping her) to be even more sensitive.  Because I do believe that sometimes beauty is created through brokenness...    


Trevy's conference was really not necessary.  He's had a gazillion and one IEP meetings.  Plus, I get daily feedback from both Misses May May & ABA.  Really leave little to chat about.  Other than pointing out how charming he is.  How mesmerizing his eyes are.  How far he's come.  And ,according to Miss. Speech, how when his face lights up he looks positively angelic.  

Which upon hearing my heart smiled.  Like a Cheshire cat.  Making me happy I went even though we didn't have much to chat about. 


Beth said...

Aww, that's so sweet!
Maybe Bristel will be an awesome nurse, and or just a very loving mommy when she grows up!

The Lundgrens said...

My eyes are all wet reading about sweet Bristel. The sibs have such a unique role in this journey. I'm always fretting about whether I'm a good enough mom to my typical boy...since I'm all tied up with, ya know, the other not-so-typical son. And I worry (foolishly) that one day the typical one will wonder how he got into all this mess (maybe because I wake up some mornings how I got into this mess?!) But I know deep down, not only did God choose Luke for us and us for Luke..but he chose Caleb for Luke...just like he chose Bristel (and Toby) for Trevor.

So glad to hear conferences went so well!

Anonymous said...

Love your family. Sorry I haven't been around much. Thankful we are friends. Barbara

happy's mommy said...

Thanks everyone...

for making me all sappy & weepy! ;)