Sweet irony

How is it possible that I notice the minutest of seizures...

And yet miss when he's blue around the lips and nail beds?

That is irony.

It is also ironic that Trevy's first ride in rescue would have nothing at all to do with seizures!

He spiked a fever on Saturday. By Sunday he was so outta sorts that I begged his pedi to please just see him. He kindly did. And diagnosed him with swollen tonsils (not strep though...the rapid test was negative) and a double ear infection. If he didn't get better in a couple days I should call again. But over night things just continued to worsen. Poor baby! I had NO idea just how bad things were progressing. Which explains why I left Trevy with Grams...so I could attend his IEP meeting. My mommy-dar prompted me to call Dr. Pedi's office during the car ride to the school.

But I swear...even as I told the nurse that "I've never seen my son this sick before and he had half his brain removed!" I still didn't fully comprehend how ill my lil' munchkin was. Is.

I was harried and hungry when I showed up for our two o' clock appointment. I would shortly regret not stopping for coffee and a donut first. I intended to hit Dunkin on the way home. I'd also regret not sticking to last year's diet plan and opting outta make-up that morning. It's not true you know. Less make-up does NOT make you look younger!

Everything from that point on was a blur. Evidently the blue around Trevy's lips wasn't because the heat is broken in the truck. It's because his tonsils were SO swollen that his airway was being impeded! Yeah...and that raspy noise when he breathed wasn't in my head. He was struggling to breath!

So we were sent by rescue to the hospital.

Two things will stick with me from that experience. 1 - it's VERY awkward being the mommy escorted by The Uniforms to the ambulance wailing outside the doctor's office! Somehow in the five minutes between seeing the doctor and then...the waiting arena had suddenly filled to capacity. Cross my heart we had only passed one other family on our way in. Again with the irony. 2 - I really need to stick to this year's weight loss resolution. Cause you never know when you'll be holding your very sick child while being wheeled out on a stretcher!

The ER staff were wonderful. And kind. Not one of them told me what an awful mom I was for letting my son get SO sick. For not noticing just how much he was struggling to breath. They didn't flash me the hairy eyeball even while they tried to decide if a needle needed to be inserted into his neck to drain his pussy tonsils (which thankfully did not happen!). Not one of them raised an eyebrow when I claimed to have successfully forced his seizure meeds into him that morning. Even though his puffy throat screamed I was a liar. "I guess I'm just so used to forcing them into him that I didn't realize" was my explanation.

It was a doozy of a couple hours while they worked to stabilize him. And Jonathan's face was SO comforting when he finally arrived. Love and worry radiating from every pore. "Eat your hearts out" I thought towards The Uniforms. Cause that man over there with the big sweet eyes...he's the calendar material if you ask me! And not just because he still thinks I'm beautiful minus make-up and plus lbs.

Of course Trevy was admitted. 48 hours we're being told. Actually, I'm whipping this post up on the good ol' iPad! Not as easy as I make it look!

Trevy is sleeping for now. His fever is being held at 101ish with round the clock meds. He's had two rounds of steroids to reduce the swelling in his neck. And intravenous antibiotics for everything imaginable.

But the good news is - NO SEIZURES!


Anonymous said...

Love you all and am praying. Mom

JSmith5780 said...

As hard as it is to see him sick, it's absolutely amazing that he is SF through all this. I love that strong little boy!!


lisa said...

So sorry you are still in the hospital and that he is still feeling so bad. Get well soon Trevy! You've seen enough time inside a hospital to last a lifetime.

Mrs. M said...

Oh! Hugs and prayers to all of you!
Poor Trevy! Poor You! It's always frightening to see your child sick....even if it's not seizure based (whuhooo!)
Hang in there. I hope all the meds and such work quickly and that Trevy is his stellar little self through it all!

Andi S said...

It's so not your fault!

I find that if it's not a HUGE seizure, I just don't react. Drop seizure after drop, doesn't phase me. Fever, runny nose, cough...whatever. 2 to 3 days of the occasional vomitting, but still able to get and keep the meds down, sure, not a problem. I'm so desensitized to medical issues that she has to be full body twitching before I jump to the diastat. And then I just sit back and wait for it to take effect. We don't call 911, unless necessary. Sometimes I wonder if I should be more concerned about the little things, but it's hard when they're so small compared to the almighty seizure.

When Emma was in the hospital in August for dehydration, they wanted to send her by ambulance down to Cleveland since we were going there anyway. Except we weren't there for a seizure issue and they wouldn't be bussing her based on a seizure issue, so I was going to be responsible to pay a good sized chunk of that expense. I told them to forget about it and I'd take her myself, which we did, and she was fine. I think that's when I began to realize that it takes her DAYS to sleep off a dose of ativan.