when 2 days feels like 200

2 days feel like 200 when one of your children has acute Mono (yes...that's the final answer!) which practically swells their little throat closed sending you to the closest Children's Hospital.

Hospital stays suck.  

And I guess I've gotten a reputation for being a beggar to go homer.  Cause when Dr. Pedi From the Same Practice made rounds yesterday she emphasized not being in a hurry to send us home.  The funny part is...I wasn't complaining.

Monday was just way too scary.  Surreal scary.  The ambulance.  His O2 levels dropping.  Being whisked to critical care at the ER.  Hearing beeping and paging on the speakers and knowing it was for my son.  His fever so high if he were more than non-verbal-ish he'd have been saying crazy delirious things we could have giggled about later.  When he was well again.  

Which wasn't Monday OR Tuesday.  In fact, by the end of Tuesday I was in the beginning stages of a full fledged freak out.  He was in SO much agony.  And had been for three days now.  The insides of his throat were SO swollen now that he was visibly puffy on the outside too.  The steroids weren't working.  And Jonathan has no sick time left to use.  It is excruciating to handle these kinds of things alone.  I felt a melt down looming right as the Puppies (otherwise known as med students) came to check on Trevor.  They had enough sense to get the older more mature Puppy Resident to come talk me down.  

I asked him for look me in the eye truth about how long we were talking before Trevor would begin to improve.

His answer:  When I've seen Tonsillitis as acute as your son's...we're looking at 5 to 7 days.  

Just curl up in a fetal ball now.  That's what I wanted to do.  I couldn't imagine living through another minute, much less half a week, watching Trevy suffer like this.     

Wednesday.  Day 3 in-patient.  Trevy looked none improved when I arrived.    One of the many reasons I'm head over heels for my hubby is that he takes the overnights.

Thankfully, although Day 3 started out depressing...it slowly morphed into a turnaround day.  The doctors switched all meds (minus his 3 seizure drugs with levels that are tricky to transpose) to IV as opposed to oral.  They added a little morphine for the pain.  And his swelling slowly went down on the outside.  Inside is still a red puffy kissing tonsil mess.  But that didn't stop him from eating an Applesauce and a half.  Sucking down a chocolate milk with gusto.  And...according to Grams who took last night's shift...munching three french fries too!  

The doctor mentioned today as a possible discharge.  Although she emphasized that she's not in a hurry...I took that to mean Friday is more likely.  Which really is fine by me.  As much as I hate living in the hospital.  I hated seeing Trevy like this more.  He's where he needs to be to get healthy.  And I'll let him get healthy before I start begging to go home.

And then we'll have to have a chat about who exactly he's been kissing



Holli said...

Who's the lucky girl, Trevy? lol

I'm so glad to hear he's doing well enough to be discussing discharge. I know how worried you must have been this whole time. And you guys have definitely had your fair share of worry so I knew this was serious!

More hugs from TX buddy...and to your exhausted mommy too! ;)

lisa said...

SO glad he is improving. I can't imagine how scary this has all been...in some ways scarier than the whole brain surgery thing. When a child can't breathe...my goodness. Hang in there mama and hope he is well and able to go home tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hope he recovers quickly and you all get to back to normal & get some sleep too, kt x

another mother said...

What a nightmare . . . glad he's getting better. Hope you can finally get some rest.

Kristen said...

Nightmare, nightmare. Thankful you have such a supportive family. I like how you call the Residents puppies. I never knew what to call them except not the real doctor. I will have to use that.
So glad he is on the mend for you.