breakfast with Santa

stars in his eyes

bristel is very against real smiles right now

Did I mention that I braved Breakfast with Santa solo?  Toby & Jonathan were somewhere else doing something sporty...


Because that picture above, my friends...is the face of a little boy cheeky plotting! By this point, he'd had enough Santa & pancakes to last us until next Christmas!  Shortly after this picture was snapped...a sweaty mommy piled the kids into the car to GO HOME!


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

You are very brave. We did breakfast with Santa this morning also. Not only did I have Brandon but I also had my parents.

Sophie told Santa she wanted roller skates. Huh??? Don't know where she got that from but it was oh so cute.

happy's mommy said...

Well...it IS easier for me! Trevy's my youngest! I the luxury of bringing at least one peer model with me everywhere I go. :)

Roller skates...interesting?!