rethinking that

Our fave Dr. Neuro is moving.  

Has moved actually.  

From our local Children's Hospital.  To Boston Children's.  

Ordinarily I'd give a big squeeze and with a best of luck.  

But nothing about Trevy's journey is ordinary.  Including her.  She's amazing.  She has been with us since Diagnosis Day.  Through seizure freedom.  Relapse.  Med trials...both singulary and cocktailed.  She passionately advocated on Trevy's behalf...for Acthar to be covered by insurance...for radical brain surgery to be covered too.  I have her cell.  And emails...both work and personal.  She is always...always...always...available.  She trusts me.  And perhaps even more importantly...I trust her.  

So we've decided to stick with her.  Commute n' all.  Because, really, how could we do any thing else?   

Although the what should have been a one hour trek turned into two because well you know how crazy Boston traffic is right...had us rethinking our loyalty.  

Until I hugged her!  This may sound weird.  But she feels like home.  Safe.  Warm.  Nurturing.  Knowing.  She has lived so much life beside us.  And...well...I love her.  Make her blush when I tell her so too.  


I thought it was a pretty neat coinkidink that we were her very first patients at her new home.  

I'll whip up a post about our visit when I get the chance.  But you know how hospital days go.  You need a day or so to recoop.  I'm a believer in tacking on a handful more if you have to commute to Bean Town. 

I've been working on Operation Big Boy Bed for my wind down.  Cleaning and organizing relax me.  

And in a little bit we're off to a basketball game.  Where our first born'll tear up the court.   Super Grams planned to care for The Littles (or Trevy & Bri) tonight.  She's been watching them Mondays so Jonathan & I can have a date night with Tobes.  I don't mention it enough.  But I really really couldn't be as healthy as I am without my mom.  She's a Godsend.  Literally.  You know...as in we were Providentially relocated just a ten minute drive from her house.  Instead of on the other side of the world.  That kinda Godsend.  


Anyway.  I'm zonked.  I always talk too much when I'm zonked.  Sorry.   Stop listening to me blabber.  Go...enjoy your night too...  

Oops...last thing.  Having commenting issues.  I can read...just can't respond.  Hopefully I'll get that sorted soon too!  


blogzilly said...

I get it. It's worth two hours to me to see docs at CC than going 20 minutes to see doctors here.

Sometimes it's worth it to go the extra mile. Or miles.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you have her (your mom) too!! Love, Bibi

Holli said...

Our moms are amazing! I couldn't do it without mine either. She's always here, no questions asked, if I need her.

We have a nasty commute too. Not that we have a choice. Two hours (in light traffic) to Houston for a neuro with bad to mediocre (at best) people skills. I wish I could say it was worth it. But, here we are in Smalltown, TX USA where the nearest major metro is Houston and every other one is spread out by 4-6 hours. Sometimes I think I'd rather drive that 5 hours to Dallas though!

And it is e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g!!!