what's in a mood

Knock on wood...

but we've had 3 straight days of major mood shift in Trevy.  Like, major.  Blog worthy major.  

Less screaming.  No biting.  Random...as opposed to often...hitting.  Unless you count the dog.  She's still a target.  Only more with the kicking than the hitting.  Laughing all the way.  If I can get him to use his right foot I figure it counts as PT.   

::grin and wink wink::

But the biggest deal for me is the laughing.  Feel it down to his toes joyful laughing!   Running around the house and for no good reason laughing.  Melt your mommy laughing.  

I love it!  I love to see him so happy!  Joyful and full of life!  So free!   

I'd love to know why we're suddenly in a Happy Place.  And the reasons behind visits to The Not So Happy Places. 

I really hope we unlock that mystery someday.  But in the meantime I'm choosing to enjoy today's happy! 


blogzilly said...

And you have no idea why?

Wish you did.

Bennett is...the most feral he has ever been. Would give anything to figure out why.

Holli said...

And what perfect timing to be so happy!

Austin went through that in November. What I'd give to have traded for this month. But, like you, I got tons of photo and some awesome belly laughing on video (maybe that will hold me over til the next phase). I don't think there is anything better in this life than seeing your child deliriously happy!

Anonymous said...

"I'd love to know why we're suddenly in a Happy Place."

Because its Christmas and he loves his Mommy.