Bravo, Stevens Family!

"Victory! 12-Year-Old With Epilepsy Can Bring Service Dog To School"


Change.com's headline regarding the same story I posted about yesterday.   Their take was much less violent than mine...but still one of advocacy.  


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Sinead said...


Marissa's Dad said...

This isn't progress, this is capitulation. This is Marissa's school district, and they move very, very slowly.

Dad has to go to school for two weeks with the dog and kid, and after that, it'll be re-evaluated. Speaking from experience, they will do everything they can to say "See, we were right."

Individuals in the system are awesome, but the system itself is terrible. Did I mention they lost everything in Marissa's admission packet but her IEP, and had me shlep around and reget everything?

happy's mommy said...

Agreed. Institutionalization always ALWAYS creates a mess. And public school "system"...as I've observed here...does not function the way I'm sure it was developed to. And each time there is a breakdown in said "system" a new "rule" is added. Which just makes for a bigger mess.

And is quite possibly why the idea of just calling it quits and homeschooling all my children will flit through my mind at least once a week.

As for the Stevens family...and their trust dog: I think making national news is a win. And here's to hoping they have won this battle...and the dog stays.