Oh maaaaan...

I wanted to be the hero! 

Toby complained when I told him to put his offered quarter back in his pocket as I'd successfully dug the nine cents needed outta the bottom of my purse.


I find myself wondering just how much the big kids picking on Trevy used to go unnoticed.  By pick on I mean...pirate away his iPad or stuffing him into tutus while mommy is playing the How Much Can You Vacuum in 5 Minutes or Less game.  Because that's how long I feel safe not hearing or seeing what Trevy is up to at a time. You know.  Stuff like that.  He used to be completely non-verbal and helpless to their sneaking big kid ways.  He's now what I like to call non-verbal-ish.  

Lately he's been running to me whining "maaaaaamaaaaaa" while frantically patting me and clearly tattle taling.

It is not uncommon to hear me remind the big kids,

You do understand he knows how to tell on you now, right?


 Callie is a lap dog.

I sometimes regret creating the monster. But she was ooooh-sooooo cute when she was a whittle-bitty puppy.  Now she's a big mutt!  And, it turns out, a lap HOG.  Who for some reason likes to back into place on my lap.  Last night as she was backing into place.  Her tail all up in my grill.  Toby nonchalantly says...

That's called "boxing out" in basketball


If the random "boxing out" tidbit above didn't convince you of his passion for the gameAm I even using that right?   

Will knowing that he is...at this very moment...bundled up like an Eskimo shooting hoops in the sub-below degrees outside? 


Speaking of which...

I'd like to know just when we moved to the Arctic?!


A friend in Trevy's class has declared him...

My bestest friend and brother! 

Melt me, why don't you!


I'm addicted to fruit! 

says Toby after wolfing down his third orange.  I can't peel them fast enough.  


Hooray for Trevy! 
He finally mastered ROCK ID in his ABA!  

(click here to see what else he's learning in ABA) 


I came downstairs in jeans and a lavender sweater.  Bristel...used to seeing me in sweats...cries out...

Oh Mommy...you look like you're in a fashion show! 

I smiled (softly...so as to prevent further deepening of my emerging wrinkles. Bleh) and asked her if she thought I would win.  

She cocked her head to the side.  Flashed her dimple in thought.  And finally said...

Well...if I was judging it'd be a yes! 


Anonymous said...

I love your family!


Anonymous said...

Your kids are seriously fab!


Anonymous said...

I remember another boy shooting baskets in his shorts and a t-shirt on Hillcrest drive!! = )

Sorry for all of the winter weather. . .spring will come!! Love and hugs, Bibi

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Oh, Bri and Elsa are going to have so much fun being sister-in-laws someday :)

JSmith5780 said...

Love those kids!

Anonymous said...

Love the randomnings...they make me smile:)

Sending some warmth and sun your way!

Aloha from Hawaii~Sheila

Mrs. M said...

Oh funny!
Bristel is so precious.
Ha Ha that Trevy can tattle now. Oh how those big kids lives have changed with a few words from the babe too.
Toby is a diehard. Good for him! He would do well up here in Canada...where it's often the Arctic!