Today in Trevy's ABA

Miss. ABA sends home notes on a daily basis.  I've been meaning for a while now to share a sample.  I've been meaning to track Trevy's progress and link it directly to his ABA therapy.  I've been meaning to write a follow up to our Operation Big Boy Bed.  I've also been meaning to meal plan...book some playdates...schedule some field trips...paint the living room...have dinner on the table by 5:30 every night...create an at home therapy schedule...teach Bristel to read...lose 50 lbs...

And a ba-gazillion other things that I won't waste any more time listing here!

Instead...I'm globally lowering my personal expectations and nutshelling. 

Quick Description:  Trevor's ABA is based on a 3 trial mastery concept.  He must - with no prodding - answer correctly three times in a row before moving on to the next lesson.  He has 25 lessons to complete daily.  Most days he completes half of the total lessons.  Some days he is very focused and flies through them all.  


Today's ABA Session 

Writing - line down 

he's doing good

Letter ID - E  

He is starting to notice and point out letters when he sees them.  He knows almost the whole alphabet.

Emotions - sad  

At home we make faces with the various emotions...and he loves it!  Oh...and he's totally mastered "I maaaaad"!  In play and real life context.  

Object ID - rock  

Not sure what's up with rock...but he's been working on this object for a looooong time now.  Pretty sure he knows what a rock is...but is perhaps giving cheeky answers.   He likes to do so when bored.  If he does not answer correctly three times...he does not move on to the next lesson.

Intra-verbals - singing "Five Little Monkeys" and seeing if he can fill in the bed, head and said blanks.  

We do this at home with many songs, and he is doing amazingly well!  I can't believe how far his receptive language skills have come!     

Greetings - Having people ask Trevor "what's your name" and hearing the appropriate response "Trevor"

He is still sketchy on this one.  But we are seeing progress.  

Fine Motor - squeezing clothespins 

Action ID -skiing  

Not that we'll be going any time soon! 


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

These are some GREAT inchstones. But I must say, recognizing most his letters...well...that is a huge milestone!!! Way to go Trevy. And way to go Mommy...because you fought for that ABA therapy.

blogzilly said...

Those charts can be a real bitch to decipher can't they? Sometimes it's like reading Egyptian. I still have a hard time. But like any language...the more you READ it...:)