the way we stress

I'm cranky when I'm stressed.  

Which is why it's weird.  I haven't really felt cranky lately.  

I also break out when I'm stressed.  

Since I woke to find two mondo zits (or poppers as we like to say 'round here) gracing either side of my face.  I'm assuming the upcoming overnighter EEG is to blame.

Have I ever mentioned how much I loathe overnight EEGs?  Cause I do.  From the bottom of my very stressed out heart.  Bleh.

The only silver lining is how adorably he wears them...

taken during our surgical evaluation at Detroit Medical Center, Summer 09

November 09 a month post hemispherectomy

March 09 half a year before surgery
Shortly post 1st round of ACTH - Trevy was 8-9ish months


Holli said...

I loathe them too. Especially when they run over 24 hrs. We got so lucky when our 72 hr EEG turned into a 40 hr one. Also thankful to learn that our local hospital told us to sleep at night!!! AAHH, I couldn't tell you how grateful I was for that one. They told us in Detroit one of us had to be awake the ENTIRE time -even while he was sleeping. The tech said that's what they were there for..to watch throughout the night. It's probably the only way I made it 40 hrs without a breakdown. I so hope your hospital does that too..for your sake.

When is Trevy's?


Hoping it goes smoothly for everyone.

Debbie said...

Is this just to confirm he is still seizure free????

PLEASE tell me you are not suspecting seizure activity!?!?!?!

happy's mommy said...

Holli...We were there first thing this morning. I think the nurses in D-town are just slackers! The techs do the overnights for us locally. And I've never heard of anywhere else where they require the parents to stay awake overnight. We lucked out in D too...Trevy had SO many seizures they told us just to go ahead and sleep. They had all the data they needed...

Debbie...a little run of the mill epilepsy care and a little seeing if anything has changed. It's been a year since his last 24 hour EEG...so it was time. But also...we've been seeing seizures. Actually, I haven't openly shared it much...but Trevy has been seizing off and on since shortly after his surgery. I haven't made a big deal of it...because in comparison to what our life was like before surgery...this is cake. Seriously. MUCH easier to deal with than IS. It's still heart wrenching. But seeing him continue to thrive helps take the edge off...

Pictures pending...