just a little bit stressful

 I like to try and focus on the happy things.  Because we have so much to happy about.  Considering.  

But I also like to keep it real.  And the real story is...

Trevy has been a bear.  


And it sucks.

Non-stop screaming.  All.  Day.  Long.  About everything.  He asks for chips.  We bring the wrong kind.  He says "this".  We can't decode what "this" means because it really is vague.  He melts into a 30 minute fit of rage.  He wants M&Ms.  We say no.  And then bear the wrath.  Non-stop screaming.  Outraged.  Screaming.

There is no reasoning with him.  The pool of what he understands doesn't include reasoning.

And it doesn't feel good to not want to be around your kid.  But seriously.  When is Winter Break over?  

It's especially disappointing because we'd been enjoying a nice place recently.  He'd been using his words more.  Still in singles and approximation.  Although he does have a handful of words that a complete stranger could probably make sense of.  But mostly he speaks Trevy-ese.  I happen to be almost fluent.  He had also been playing with his cars.  Vrooming around the house for minutes on end.  Entertaining himself.  Happy.  Sweet.  And following his siblings everywhere they went.  Imitating.  Sometimes seeming like such a big boy.  Showing growth.  Trevy has a very baby-ish presence about him.  Even physically.  He's never really looked his age.  And I've always thought it was a reflection of his developmental delay.  But lately, he's been seeming very big boy.  And it's been so nice.  Peaceful. 

Then we get the flu.  The stupid flu.  I hate the flu.

And it's all gone to pot again.  I hate when it feels like he's developmentally backsliding.  Like we're losing precious gained ground.     

And we're parked in Frustration Station.  Not just Trevy either.  It's really hard to stay positive and patient when your kid is screaming like a banshee in your ear.  All.  Day.  Long.

Here's hoping it's just the flu still working it's way outta of his system and that more peaceful days are waiting right around the corner. 

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MJStump said...

I am kind of relieved that you have posted this. Kylie has had a double ear infection...yep, both ears (never had a single ear infection before), and I am so ready for the sickies to be all out of her.

She screams and whines at everything just like Trevy. Even if it is exactly what she asks for. Throwing herself on the floor and hitting whatever is closest to her...including mommy :( That puts her straight into timeout, which is anything but peaceful.

She also only wants her dadda...at first it made me sad, and now I am like "he can have you...all fussy, angry, screaming, little you."

So yes, I too want my sweet little one back, and have the little crabster in her all gone.

Here's to hoping all the sickies are gone for good :)