the platelets are looking better

I should have shared this yesterday.  Because that's when I heard back.  Have I mentioned how much I love that my Dr. Neuro will communicate via email? 

Now I just need to work on her new Miss. Nurse.  Because that would be the total package!


His last labs had his platelet count dangerously low at just 67,000.  That's bleed out from a paper cut low. 

Yesterday's labs were just slightly below normal (150,000 - 400,000) at 145,000. 

Early December's were at 180,000.  So it still would seem we're trending downward.  Not good.  But for now...we stay on the meds that seem to be helping the most. 

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Mrs. M said...

Oh dear...thankfully there's some sort of improvement....hope those platlets stay on the upswing.