what I'm loving today - randomnings

Toby regarding a thought provoking school assignment --

I just can't get this, Mom.

My brain is too discombobulated! 


Trevy:  paaaaaaaaaaaaaay - tandem-ed with the sign for play...therefore we understood he was saying "play" not "pay".  

Me:  you're going to play at school, honey 

Trevy:  oh - with such a hilariously disappointed tone that I swear he knew exactly what was being said!


I was apologizing to Bristel because my pony tail was a wee bit sloppy.  Allowing her long side parted bangs to fall into her eyes a little bit. 

Don't worry, Mommy. 

When my hair falls down like that, my name is Cris! 

Says she while trying out a super model pose.


Me:  Ready to brush teeth, Trevy? 

Trevy's response was to pause...

bat his huge eyes...

and blow a raspberry before proceeding to finish his run down the hall way. 

I tried a new recipe out the other day. 

When I asked Jonathan if he liked it.  He paused thoughtfully before non-committal-y responding...

It tasted like something you might eat at a restaurant. 

Now really?  Just how am I supposed to take that?!


I was little more than a sweaty blob of aching bones lying in bed wishing the meds would kick in an provide some relief when Toby pops his head around the corner and asks...

Were you hoping someone like me would accompany you?! 

Comic relief is good too. 


Andi S said...

Ugh! Jon does that too. I find something that sounds really good and I slave over it for what seems like forever. And when I ask about it, he says it's good or OK. Drives me batty! Especially when I think it's really good, then I just don't know what to think about it. MEN!

joanne foltz said...

so who says "discombobulated" around Toby? I am sure he has heard that from someone! Good word! He is really growing up! Greets from all at Arusha Bible Baptist Church and School. They are sending greeting to Baba Toby and Mama Toby and all the akina Foltz. Love to all, enjoyed the vignettes!! Bibi