what I'm loving today

To fully appreciate what I'm loving today I must start with what I'm totally NOT loving...

Toby started with the body aches late last week.  I thought he was bluffing because he was fever free.  Until he wasn't.  And was instead, glassy eyed and moany.  Burning up.  Poor kid.  

It's been like that since last Thursday.  Feeling okay for a few hours.  Feverish and moany again later until the Tylenol kicks in again.  

Then it was my turn.  Everything ached.  And stole my sleep Saturday night.  In fact, I convinced myself in the wee hours of the morning that I would not be going to church.  But the Tylenol started working.  And I happened to be teaching a class for the kids.  So I sucked it up and went.  And felt decent most of the day until the fever returned last night.  

Which gifted me with another fitful sleepless night.

The idea of caring for Trevor while dragging my aching, fevery wagon is overwhelming at best.   Especially because he doesn't have preschool on Mondays.  

But he does have Grams! 

The support that Grams (and PopPop) provide are a vital ingredient in the glue that holds my sanity together!  And today I'm loving that Grams is so generous with her time, energy and love with all of my children.  And for the special bond she has with Trevy.  So I can keep popping tylenol at home knowing he's being wrapped up in love and nurture with her.  


Anonymous said...

Your mom and dad are a precious gift from Heaven!! God bless them and hope you feel better and hope Tobin is getting better. Love and hugs, Bibi = }

Wendi Taylor said...

Hint: you can alternate tylenol (acetominophen) & advil (ibuprofin) so that one is kicking in when the other is wearing off and keep the fever down that way.