what I'm loving today

That my doctor is almost within walking distance.  

 Because I really can't drive that far.  What with a fever ranging between 100 - 103.5 for the past four days!  

 Yesterday I was so sick I couldn't have driven myself to the doctors office if my life depended on it.  Which...I suppose...is why 911 exists.  Or Grams.  Who swooped in to rescue me yesterday by caring for the kids so I could wallow in my feverish sweat all day.  She's coming back for more today.  Only today I at least have just enough  umph to drive myself to the clinic!  Because it's almost within walking distance.  Which is what I'm loving today...  

But not as much as I'm loving Grams.  Again.  Because she'll drop everything when I really need her...

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