what I'm loving today

That I actually have the energy to post what I'm loving today! 

Although no doctors have come out and said so.  I'm pretty sure our house was hit by H1N1.  Oink Oink.  One by one we systematically succumbed to chills, body aches and fevers.  Which over the course of a couple days magically became pneumonia.  Or a bronchitis pneumonia combo.  Or in Jonathan's case...some sort of "secondary infection".  We're not sure what that means.  But we're all antibiotic-ed up and feeling better.  Ish. 

I'm also loving this heart-warming story about a boy and how his hemispherectomy 17 years ago is continuing to touch others lives today. 


Anonymous said...

if antibiotics helped, then its not H1N1 (virus)

happy's mommy said...

The antibiotics weren't on board for the flu part...but for the subsequent pneumonia.


Holli said...

Bless your ♥!! Oh, I couldn't imagine having everyone in the house so sick.

So far our house hasn't been hit with anything. *knocking on wood*

Glad you all are on the mend. Ish. lol