backyard therapy: abc play(dough)

Trevy is all about his ABCs.  Thank you very much, Miss. ABA!   

He's starting to notice letters in random places.  Blog titles for example.  Signs on walls.  Even itty bitty letters in books. 

He has a few faves. 

A - T - C - S - O 

He doesn't always know the proper name for each letter.  But it seems when he doesn't know the proper name - he knows the sound instead. Take the letter C.  He doesn't say C...instead he'll make a perfect "kuh" sound.  Which is funny cause he calls our friend ,Kerrie, Peh-Peh?  

Oh well.   

And anyway...

I mounted a magnetic white board in the therapy/school room.  (Kenly, if you could think up a clever mixture of the two and create a new name for that room I would be over the moon)  

He's had a blast manipulating magnetic letters with his sister (who is all about spelling 3 letter words).   Editors Note: this is much easier now that he's not eating every single thing he sees.  It's now every other single thing he sees.


But I wanted more.  More ABC inputibility.  And then I had a GREAT idea!  

Create playdough mats!  

I have to make my laminator earn her keep after all.  And what could be better than creating plastic sealed ABCs for Trevy to shape playdough into some of his favorite sounds?  

It was such a beautiful idea.  I was in love with the idea.  Thrilled about the idea.  

Overwhelmed by the idea.  

My creative eyes are WAY bigger than my reality stomach.  Which is why I'm so happy that somebody already invented the wheel! 

click me to print your own alphabet playdough mats

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Sinead said...

Check out handwriting without tears and you will get all sorts of information and ideas. You can also follow the letters with sticks. We have Kumon cards for letter tracing. Emma doesn't have a favorite letter but she likes to spell Emma and Bingo. Her favorite number is nine. She likes to skip six when she is counting.