Knock Knock. Who's There?

Trevy in his Underwear!

chicken legs! 

Letting Trevy pick a new pair of undies every time he goes tinkle is a GREAT motivator for him

And to think yesterday I was totally ready to throw in the towel...

then today he has ZERO accidents...

including a trip to Target where he used the big boy potty!

He eats up all the praise!



Mrs. M said...

Oh he looks so grown up in pic #4!
What a great idea! He must have some of Bristel's style genes...since clothes are a motivator! Remember this one for other dressing related trials in the future.
He'll get there...someday, but he will. Kudos to you for still trying! Toilet training tries the patience of the best of us but goodness such a win when it comes through.
:) M

Beth said...

Eek, that's so funny! I don't know if you were actively trying or not, but my own little brother didn't start using the bathroom till he was 4, and then all of a sudden he just went, and only had about 3 accidents for a month after that and none since.

lisa said...

That's so awesome! Isn't it the best feeling? Julia took FOREVER to be fully trained...its such a relief when they finally start to get it. Yay Trevor!

Anonymous said...

So proud! Of Trevy, too.