mommy (needs) therapy

Holy Moly! 

I found this super handy website.  Filled with ideas n' thing-a-mabobs to spruce up the ol' blog.  Now, if I can just get her to help me figure out what I'm doing wrong with adding a grab button?   

I've pretty much wasted spent all day fiddling with this.  Adjusting that.  Adding this.  Deleting that. 

And I feel great!  It's been so much fun.  Therapy for me

And not to brag or anything.  

But it's looking mighty fine if I do say so myself! 

And yes...

I'm fishing.



Ashley said...

What a WONDERFUL website. Go fishing anytime!!

JSmith5780 said...

Looks great, but I'll be honest, I tend to read the emails of posts and not stop over as often. I'll have to make a better effort to stop by the blog. :)

blogzilly said...

Looks terrific. I have been meaning to change mine, but I am so tightly wound up my creativity quotient is tightly locked.

Holli said...

Oh, I do love the Polaroids on the side!

Anonymous said...

I'll bite...this looks fabulous. Love the upfrontness of the photos. I'm envious as my brother, who does all the technical stuff for my blog, is busy with new classwork. What a great website referral. I've really been enjoying reading your story. Heather

joanne foltz said...

Looks great! I think you are looking forward to summer! With the swimming pictures, I think you want spring to hurry on by since you all had such a long, cold winter! Smiles, Bibi

PS it is 80 or more here in Leesburg, Florida!

Tracy said...

Thanks for the website. I've been on it all day, making changes to my blog. Still not sure I'm happy with it. But I think it will be easier next time. BTW, I really like your updated blog!!

happy's mommy said...

Thanks ya'll!



Anonymous said...

This ol' fish'll bite, too!

Looks gorgeous!

Also, what Ken said.

Any chance you would answer a question or two from me if I try to spruce up my ol' site?


happy's mommy said...

Oh Barbara...of course! Not that I really know what I'm doing, mind you. And on the condition that if you figure out how to add a grab button first - you help me out too! :P