One of Trevy's new ABA targets (he's mastered "hi" and "bye") is "name?". 

I'm pretty sure he gets it.

Cause he's pointing to people everywhere and asking "name?"

We spent a full ten minutes this morning snuggled on the couch scrolling through our iPad photo albums.  He gets giddy happy over the Disneys.  He was demanding to know everyone's name or I was asking him for so-n-so's name and he'd tell me.  

Di-Dough (Bristel) 

Wee-Bee (Toby...who is thrilled he's no longer Wee-Wee for obvious reasons) 

Da-Ee (Daddy...a bit of regression there as he was clearly saying Da-Dee for awhile)

It was super cute.  Also...I thought it was pretty cool that when it was a thing and not a person he would switch it up and ask "issss" (this). 


another mother said...

I truly laughed out loud when I read that about Wee-Wee as Toby's original name. I can see why he is thrilled. Trevor seems to be doing great. And honestly I wouldn't worry too much about the regression of Daddy. As children learn speech the sounds sometimes change and they seem to regress with certain sounds. However, obviously Trevor is not like other children. He is extraordinary in that he is doing all of that with half of a brain. I know you know this and I know that day-to-day can be a struggle. But I am just amazed at the miracle that is Trevor. His progress never is awesome.

happy's mommy said...

I told someone today that every day with Trevy is surreal. I don't think she really got my drift...but I bet you do, AM. :)


blogzilly said...

That's pretty good that he's got the hi and bye down despite the continued seizure activity. As much as it sounds like a consolation prize type of speak, they were telling me at the last eval that greetings like hello and goodbye are way down the line developmentally and if he is initiating them that's great.

happy's mommy said...

Really? I'm SO far removed from typical baby development...I can't hardly remember what my big kids did when.

It does feel consolation prize-y. But I'm making the choice today to try and stay positive. Haha. We'll see how long it lasts! :)

And as I've already lost my lid with Toby over his grammar (what is it with boys and grammar?!) I should probably start fresh righhhhht...



Anonymous said...

Super cute! Reading this warms my heart! Barbara

Sinead said...

So heart warming to see the progress.