Noises make Trevy belly laugh. 

Especially body noises. 

So if you're feeling extra "airy in the derry" (yes, that's original with me!) when we're hanging out...you'd better hope it's not loud. 

Otherwise he'll blow raspberries to mimic the sound and belly laugh til' you're tomato red face gives you away! 


Which reminds me. I was so happy he was with Grams when I was errand running last week.  Cause that poor sap who let it rip while I was passing by would have been toast! 


JSmith5780 said...

LOL. He's such a boy :)

Layla Payton said...

I found you on the Homeschool Lounge. I love your blog...sweet, real, funny...and I can so relate! I have three boys, I homeschool, and my youngest has Tourette's. It's not what I signed up for...it's better. :)

Keri V. Kennedy said...

The raspberry noise is the sure fire way to get Becca rolling with laughter. and the longer you can do the noise the better. I've made that noise, over and over again until my face was numb! Perhaps we should just give Trevy a job entertaining Becca? Then the ensuing laughter would entertain us all.