who are we wearing purple for?

or as Mommy calls this cutie "Cool Owen"!

Lincoln's story can be found here.  If you can pull yourself away for his eyes, I mean!

Read more about sweet Sophie here

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You can follow Charil's beautiful story here

Wanna watch Super Man soar? You can right here

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Hannah doesn't have a history of IS...buuuut...her seizure disorder in many ways mirrors IS kids.  Multiple seizure types which are med resistant.  At this time Hannah's underlying epilepsy diagnosis is a mystery.  Her mom shares their journey with epilepsy here

Thank you to all the families who joined us today! 

We wear purple on your behalf not just today...
but every day. 


erica said...

we have some amazing kids huh? :)

Sarah said...

Oh, darn. I missed your post yesterday. We wore purple today though and will tomorrow when we go to our Epilepsy Awareness walk!

Ashley said...

I don't have any pictures, but I wore Purple for Trevy. Of course being the only female in a household of males, I was the only one who had any purple at all.

Margo said...

Great idea Missus!
Hearts to Trevy and all those luvvie little kiddos!

The Blatchford Family said...

Oh bummer. Our picture didn't make it up. :(

I wear purple for my little boy Lincoln.