who will you be rockin' Purple for? (link in)

I've wanted to do something festive on Purple Day forever. Or for 3 1/2 years anyway.  Cause sometimes 3 1/2 years can feel like forever.  


This year I was going to get a purple streak in my hair.  Turns out finding time for a salon run wasn't gonna happen.  I also meant to use purple text with all my posts for the month of March.  Seeing as how I'm hit n' miss with even remembering to add my Signature...that wasn't ever really gonna happen either. 

But this morning I was inspired with a new idea. Maybe even better! 

What if I posted pictures of Trevy's seizure fighting friends instead?

If you'd like to join me here's what to do:

  • Email the picture of your choice to me (click here to be taken directly to my email) at tanzie213(at)yahoo(dot)com today.  I know it's last minute but the idea literally just hit my brain!  Which means other than me...you're the first to know!
  • In the subject line write: I'm wearing purple for (your child's name)
    • If you'd like to spice it up first (see Trevy's below) Picnik is a free online photo enhancing program.  I use it all the time!

    • Include the link to your blog or update site if you'd like for others to have a chance to read your unique seizure fighting story and I'll make sure to link you in.  
    • Lastly, I'm not trying to be a meanie here.  Promise.  But I would like to keep this for children with a history of Infantile Spasms only.  I'm in loooooove with some of your children who are not IS babies!  But my goal is to promote awareness for Infantile Spasms this time around!  But wipe those tears away...cause you're totally free to steal my idea and use it on your blog! 

      I'm excited about this!  I hope it works...  If it does...maybe it'll become my yearly Purple Day thing?