picture perfect description of how I'm going to feel for the rest of this week

This was Trevy zonked out on the ride home from Boston Children's Monday.  

I happen to think it completely captures the essence of what I mean when I call it the...

Hospital Hangover.  



Anonymous said...

I LOVE that term and I'm so gonna own it, especially next month when we head to Childrens. I knew it wasn't a midlife crisis, but sure feels like one. Humor gets us through so much. Thanks for sharing. Heather

happy's mommy said...

((((((((hugs)))))))) for the journey.

BTW...I think your blog may be my newest favorite.


Wendi Taylor said...

Saw this & thought of you (and your fellow seizure moms). Topamax is being recalled due to a strange odor.


Anonymous said...

Completely perfect.


Kristen said...

I love that term. You need to trademark it fast!! ;) Children's is so overwhelming on it's own, let alone throw in a long car ride and a bunch of info you don't want to hear or can't digest. Hospital Hangover is the perfect term.
Hope you have recovered by now.